Buyer Checklist for Wardrobes

There are lots of wardrobe suppliers around. Here are some questions to ask to help you make the right choice.

Check quality

Question: How thick are the 'primed, thermoformed or painted' wardrobe doors that your supplier offers?

Good quality doors like these should be 25mm thick otherwise there is an increased risk of warping or early deterioration.

Betta's Solution: All our primed, thermoformed and painted doors are a solid, reliable 25mm thick.

Check delivery

Question: Does your supplier make their own wardrobe doors or use mass-produced doors?

If your supplier has to wait for mass-produced doors to arrive, then you could have an incomplete, dust attracting wardrobe shell in your house.

Betta's Solution: We make our own doors. So therefore we can install your complete wardrobe in one visit (special units may require more than one fitting).

Check fitting

Question: Does your supplier use properly trained and experienced wardrobe fitters?

There's no point in paying good money for a wardrobe and then finding that bad fitting renders it all but useless.

Betta's Solution: All of our fitters are experienced and knowledgeable in all types of installations.


Check your rights

Question: Does your supplier have a licence number?
The Office of Fair Trading issues licence numbers to companies that meet certain criteria. This means that your consumer rights are being protected.

Betta's Solution: We hold a licence issued by the Office of Fair Trading (lic. no. 273679C).

Check legality

Question: For jobs over $5000

Betta Solution: For jobs over $5000 we always issue a contract along with a copy of the Office of Fair Trading's Consumer Building Guide.

Check reliability

Question: Does your supplier's offer seem too good to be true?
Then it probably is! Copycats offering inferior work at unrealistic prices are rife in the building industry. A lower price probably means lower quality materials, poor service - and possibly even a fly-by-night supplier who might let you down. Ask Betta Wardrobes and Shower Screens.

Betta's Solution: We've been in business for over 40 years. We're serious about crafting stylish wardrobes and shower screens that are also built to last. We are quality assured therefore we devote a lot of time to ongoing training and to sourcing premium products so that neither we, nor our materials will let you down. As a result we can confidently offer a 15 year warranty on wardrobes and cabinets and 5 year warranty on shower screens.

Check quality

Question: How can I view the quality of my supplier's product?

Betta's Solution: We have 10 display centres for your convenience. Why not visit your local showroom to simply compare.